Asylum Applications Infographic


In a perfect world, data would be used as an impartial tool to inform people’s opinions as well as political decision making. However in reality the numbers are often overlooked in favour of emotive responses to a particular issue. Data visualisation is one way in which quantitative factors can be reintroduced to people, as it allows for numerical information to be conveyed in accessible forms.

However, sometimes the way in which an issue is conveyed in the media is directly at odds with the reality shown by credible data sources. One such issue is the movement of asylum seekers within the European Union. In 2015 several UK media sources stated how desirable the United Kingdom was to EU asylum seekers, and how current legislation made the UK dramatically more appealing to those seeking asylum, when compared with other EU member states. However official EU statistics showed otherwise, so I decided to create this 3D visualisation of asylum applications for the first half of 2015.

Using Eurostat data, the height of each country ‘stack’ corresponds to the number of asylum applications between January and June 2015.